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Peace  Of   Property  was  established  in  May  2021  to  provide  accounting  &  bookkeeping  services  particularly  to  micro-businesses  as  an  affordable  option  for  financial  record-keeping  and  reports.  In  September  2021,  the  property  management  side  was  launched  to  provide property/strata  management  services  for  residential  properties  and  Stratas  (Home  Owners  Associations  if  you  are  from  NorthAmerica)  with  accounting  services  support,  if  needed.


With  the  blending  of  20  years’  experience  in  Accounting  as  a  Certified  Public  Account  (CPA),  the  experience  of  being  the  Chairman  of  a  strata  since  2015  and  the  love  of  the  interaction  with  people  and  helping  to  resolve  issues  with  property  has  turned  into  a  passion  which  is  now  called  Peace  Of  Property.


This  is  the  place  for  a  “one-stop-shop”  quality  service  if  you  own  a  residential  property  and  also  need  accounting  records  to  done.

Karen G.


Meet the founder of  Peace Of  Property, Karen Gayle! (but you can call her Karen G. for short) 


Having started her career in Accounting/Audit at Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP in Jamaica in 2002, Karen moved to the Cayman Islands and became a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 2005. 


She worked at Ernst & Young LLP in Grand Cayman for 2 years and went into the financial services industry (which is what the Cayman Islands is known for), in captive insurance for approximately 5 years. 


Karen then decided to work in other industries to broaden her accounting & practical experience, such as real estate development, private water company, hospitality/tourism development and wholesale/retail in beers, wines & spirits until April 2021 where she gained a lot of experience. 


In addition to her working career, Karen became heavily involved in her own personal strata since 2015 as a committee member and has had to maintain the financial records and maintain the property ever since. After that, she became a committee member of another strata, then assisted other stratas with their financial records & Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as they needed assistance at a reasonable price. 


Karen realized that there was a niche market for property management and stratas with accounting support as this lead to birth of  Peace Of  Property in May 2021. 

Karen Gayle | Peace Of Property Group

Karen Gayle

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We are your “one-stop-shop”  for quality service  in residential  property  and  accounting needs.
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